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Kasmira Cade is a visual artist, educator, independent curator, collaborator, as well as a community activist. A board member of the Delaware Institute for Arts in Education and member of several arts organizations, within the state of Delaware and nationwide, including but not limited to the Newark Arts Alliance and the National Arts in Education Association, Kasmira seeks opportunities to learn from, collaborate and work with other  artists from diverse backgrounds. She has exhibited her work in several gallery spaces including but not limited to the Terry Foreman Gallery in Newark Delaware, the Chris White Gallery in Wilmington Delaware and the Viridian Gallery in Chelsea, New York. In 2015, she merged social justice initiatives with the arts and started the Arts and Culture Committee of the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League Young Professionals. The committee still thrives today though Kasmira has taken an advisory role. Kasmira has been an Art Educator for more than 14 years dedicating her most recent years to the artistic development of the students of First State Montessori Academy.

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