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Love make the world go round 47inx60in.jpg


Kasmira's artwork is highly expressive and contemporary. Using dramatic colors creates a captivating and thought provoking experience. Working with watercolors, acrylics, resin, and various other materials, are important to the complexities of emotion her works convey. However, messaging is secondary to the theory of color. The watercolor portraits are explicit in their expression and provoke questions about the subject matter. The non-objective abstract acrylic and mixed media works are just as complex as her realistic paintings. The theory of colors in relation to emotion and expression is highly relatable, causing introspective connections to subject matter. she draws inspiration from not only personal experiences but the common realities of everyday people. There is a deep level of compassion in her process. Meditating on personal suffering as well as the suffering of others highly influences her colors and subject matter.

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